Equator Certified                                                   Proud Members of REOMAC  

We have 7 years of experience in the foreclosure market.  We have listed assets from numerous lenders.  We will provide the best possible representation and service to your company.  We are able to quickly rekey, trash-out and prepare an asset for market.   The asset will then be maintained during the marketing period to ensure the highest possible net sales price.   Because of our experience we are know what needs to be done and are able to adhear to your company quidelines and requirements.  We will provide updates before being asked.

Our experience includes:
  • Cash for keys
  • Sheriff evictions
  • Court appearances for Evictions Hearings and Settlement Conferences
  • Trash out and repair
  • Marketing and selling the property
  • ResNet, Pyramid Platform, REOPro, Propert Radar and Equator